Residents perform with Open Spot Theatre at St. Louis Center.

Residents Prepare fro Farmer’s Market

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) often face challenges when it comes to finding meaningful work and opportunities for community engagement. However, a new initiative that involves making homemade items to sell at a local farmer’s market is helping to change that. Read more…

Highlights from the Winter 2023 Issue of St. Louis Spirit
Page 1 – Mother’s and Caregivers Page 2 – Updates from Fr. Enzo Page 3 – The Blaise Rooney Story Page 4 – Golf and Other Events
A man with developmental disabilities is dancing
Page 5 – New Social Services Specialist Page 6 – Be a Monthly Sustainer Page 7 – Spring Community Connections Page 8 – Remembering Our Friends

Caring For Our Children: The Blaise Rooney Story
Blaise Rooney has epilepsy, a brain injury, and cerebral palsy. He was baptized as an infant and as he grew up, his father Brian could tell that he had a true love for the Mass. There were always indications that Blaise knew what was going on, even if he was unable to articulate the details. Brian and Tiffany, his wife, wondered if he would be able to receive the Eucharist. Because of Blaise’s disabilities, Brian knew that he would be unable to go to Confession, but Blaise is truly incapable of grave sin. Read More…

From Fr. Enzo

Dear Friends,

The remodeling of St. Joseph Hall is progressing on schedule. Soon we will be able to slate a re-dedication date. For this occasion, we will invite all of you to see the growth of St. Louis Center and the innovations enabling the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to shine in all their splendor as ‘precious people’ in the sight of God. Stay up-to-date on our website. Read more…

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