Fr. Satheesh Alphonse wearing a Roman collarSpring is the season of new hope and promise as reinforced through the beauty of the Easter season. This renewal of life in nature reinvigorates the spirit of life at St. Louis Center where life has been cheerful and entertaining even during winter with activities and action.

As we move forward in Spring and towards Summer, changes at St. Louis Center become even more exciting. The kitchen renovation has been underway since May 1st. The planning for, as well as possible execution of, the Skill-Building program is on the horizon as we continuously seek ways to empower our residents with independence.

We were able to take advantage of the mild winter by bringing the residents to the gym every day for shared activities. They were also able to take part in off-campus activities such as bowling and Special Olympics regularly. They didn’t miss out on the blockbuster movies either. The fun and energy could be felt when they prepared for the movie experience. Listening to the highlights retold as residents shared the event made it more memorable. All these experiences – and many more – become possible through the continuous support of our donors.

On a consistent basis, our residents offer prayers for all our benefactors during our liturgical celebrations; so please, send us your special prayer intentions.

All the activities that I have mentioned, as well as the many other experiences that our residents enjoy, are possible because of your support. We are truly grateful for the

consistent benevolence and generosity demonstrated by each and every one of you. Jesus says in the Gospel of John, “I have come so that they may have life, and have it in abundance.” You make the reality of our vision – to provide the fullness of life for our residents – possible.


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