Why Volunteer at St. Louis Center?

SLC 60th BeileinSt. Louis Center provides an opportunity to interact with and get to know community members with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

Those who do quickly learn that labels are not people, and the people who call St. Louis Center home are extraordinary in many ways.

One well-known volunteer, Coach John Beilein, said of his many volunteer activities with St. Louis Center:

“If we can put a smile on the faces of these kids who face so many challenges in their everyday lives, then it’s worth the effort on our part to bring them a little bit of happiness.”

The ways you can help are varied and fun. Once a month, or once a week, it’s up to you!

Have time during the day?

  • Come and read a story.
  • Help with an art project.
  • Tell us about a favorite hobby like photography or gardening.
  • Share a passion for your favorite food, artist, or special interest.

Want to visit in the evenings?

  • Join the (Tuesday evening) Walking Club.
  • Participate with chair exercises and dancing (on Wednesdays).
  • Play basketball (on Thursday evenings).

Do you have pictures to share of a recent vacation or pilgrimage?

  • Schedule a time to tell a small group here about your adventure.

Holidays can be a special time at St. Louis Center!

  • Can you share any memories serving our country?
  • Tell us a story about your family and the values your parents passed down to you.
  • Help decorate Christmas Trees or Easter Eggs.

Sign Up Today!

Start by telling us a bit more about what you would like to do and how much time you would like to commit by filling out the form to the right.

For questions, please contact Michelle Mikolajczyk, Community Engagement Specialist, at:

Phone: (734) 475-8430 x260
E-mail: mmikolajczyk@stlouiscenter.org

Please be sure to let us know if you wish to volunteer as a group or have special interests.

Note:  As a State Licensed Facility, a background check may be required.


Benefits of Volunteerism

Our volunteers are a big part of what makes St. Louis Center so special.  But what’s in it for the people who help us?

The demands on our time and energy sometimes seem endless and it sometimes seems hard to fit just one more activity into the schedule.  Yet we all know that many, if not most, non-profit organizations need countless volunteers to maintain the heart and soul of their missions.

St. Louis Center has a robust community, truly a family, of volunteers who help us with special events, resident activities, fundraisers, maintaining our lovely grounds and gardens, and sometimes just a happy greeting or friendly smile when social distancing is required.

According to Clair Shinn at NonProfit Hub, there are at least 8 Long-Term Health Benefits of Volunteering to you, the Volunteer:

  1. Boost your self-esteem
  2. Expand your connections
  3. Make you feel good
  4. Contribute to a longer life
  5. Give purpose
  6. Combat stress level
  7. Give a good example
  8. Teach new skills


Yes, I want to volunteer
at St. Louis Center!

Have Fun Here Icon Meet the Volunteers!

Volunteering fulfills the needs of those we serve and serves our need for personal fulfillment too.  St. Louis Center has a long history of neighbors, friends, and family enjoying their time helping residents in numerous ways.  Read some of their stories below.