2022 has been a year of graces and blessings. We are thankful to all who made this year fruitful.


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An important theme of 2022 was independence.

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Fr. Enzo’s Letter

Fr. Enzo acknowledges impactful people from 2022.

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Look at where the Center has been since the 1960s!

Recent History

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Look at where the Center has recently been!

Day Program

Page 6

Hailey Moran brings new opportunities to the Day Program.

two men with disabilities get slushies with a female staff member


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Rick, Carlie, and Laura provide fun at home and beyond.

Randy Seitz

Page 8

Randy goes above and beyond to serve the residents.

A resident and staff member out on the dance floor.

Randy and Matthias

Page 9

Look at those smiling faces! Randy brings joy to SLC!

An Integrated Neighborhood

Page 10

Guanella Village provides homes to people of all abilities.

Independence College

Page 11

What have last years graduates been up to in 2022?

Fr. Joseph Rinaldo outstanding in his field

Fr. Joseph Rinaldo

Page 12

Fr. Joe’s legacy lives in – he is spending his retirement in Italy.

By the Numbers

Page 13

Take a look at 2022 financials and resident demographics.

Residents and Staff

Page 14

Residents and staff enjoy being part of the Chelsea parade.

Community Connection

Page 15

The Center had many opportunities to get connected in Chelsea.

Randazzo Family

Page 16

The Randazzos put on a yearly Men’s Social Fundraiser for SLC.


Page 17

Alhambra make it possible for residents to enjoy summer camp.


Page 18

Volunteers make fun events possible for the Center!

Volunteers and Events

Page 19

Volunteers make fun events possible for Center!

Fr. Amal

Fr. Amal

Page 20

Fr. Amal provides a sense of community to the residents.

Ways to Support

Page 21

There are many ways to show your support to the Center!

Knights of Columbus

Page 22

The Knights have been steady supporters since the beginning!

Thomas Shumacher

Page 23

Thomas, resident of SLC, passed in 2022. Home at last.

Community Advisory Council

Page 24

These are all the people who help the Center make decisions!


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