Volunteers worked for several months to plan the Golf and Glory Outing. Golfers enjoyed the day no matter Mother Nature’s gift of persistent rain.

Jim Harbaugh inspired players with some pre-game words of encouragement.
“I had a connection with St. Louis Center when I was growing up here,” Harbaugh said. “We’d play basketball against St. Louis Center, some of their students and residents. And so I’ve known about it for a long time. They do tremendous work. Got to get to know Norm [Neuman] and his son, Joe, over the summer — met them up north in Michigan. I was invited to come out and support. John [Beilein] has been doing it for a couple of decades.”

John Beilein is a regular at the event and was in attendance this year with former UofM basketball player Jordan Morgan. He said, “This event is part of the great assistance we get from the community…Keep doing what you’re doing. I will stay connected with the St. Louis Center wherever I am in the years ahead.”

Teams enjoyed the beautiful course while betting on holes, trying for hole-in-ones, and having a great time with their teams. At the turn, lunch was served giving everyone a moment to relax before hitting the tee box once again.

After a rain-soaked round of golf, the team of Megan Zeiher, John, Bryan, and Lucas Dunn were the big winners of the day.

The Honoree for the John Panelli Celebrity Award was the Gloria Miller of LaJolla Jewelers. Beginning in the 1960’s, the Nadeau family have been strong supporters of the St. Louis Center.  Fabius and Bessie blessed the Center with their friendship and the first popcorn machine, making them fast friends with the residents. Their support has grown over time and now spans numerous generations. Read More about Gloria Miller.

The Bill Wagner Pioneer award for 2023 was awarded to Russ and Kay Payeur. Russell “Russ” and Catherine “Kay” Payeur are longtime friends and generous supporters of Saint Louis Center (SLC). When SLC was the St. Louis School for boys, Russ and Kay attended a dinner at the school. A young student was having a hard time at the dinner, so one of the priests spoke with him and immediately calmed him. That made an impression on the couple, and they have been supporters ever since.

Read below in their own words why these University of Michigan coaches support St. Louis Center:

One-on-One with John Beilein

Jim Harbaugh talks with TMI at Golf & Glory

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