On March 20, 2024, St. Louis Center welcomed Vince Antonucci and Bryan Stevenson from the Center for Applied Research in Dementia (CARD). They provided us with a 6-hour training on helping individuals with I/DD and dementia remain independent for as long as possible. We learned a great deal about utilizing the Montessori method with the residents we serve to enable them to remain independent and able to make choices about their daily lives.
They ended their visit by performing a rock concert for the staff and residents in the St. Louis Center gym.

Montessori Moments

The 3 main pillars of a Montessori approach are Respect, Dignity & Equality for all.
The following are 12 principles to consider when interacting with residents and co-workers:
1. The activity should have a sense of purpose and interest.
2. Invite the person to participate
3. Offer choice whenever possible
4. Demonstrate more. Talk less.
5. Physical skills. Focus on what the person can do.
6. Match your speed to theirs. Slow down!
7. Use visual hints, cues or templates.
8. Give the person something to hold.
9. Go from simple to more complex.
10. Break a task down into steps.
11. To end, ask: ‘Did you enjoy doing this?’ and ‘Would you like to do this again?’
12. There is no right and wrong, think engagement.
Think about ways you can incorporate Montessori Moments into your daily life.

Learn More

To learn more about Montessori methods in caring for persons with I/DD and dementia, visit the CARD website.

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