Volunteers from Lake Trust Credit Union came to St. Louis Center to lend a hand during the “Powered by Good” day.

Lake Trust volunteers working on haunted house decorations“Lake Trust’s Powered by Good Day is an annual event that provides expanded opportunity for our team members to engage in meaningful service and multiply positive impact in the communities we serve,” said David Snodgrass, president of The Lake Trust Foundation, in a press release. “By dedicating time and financial resources, Lake Trust can help these organizations carry out their mission and make a positive impact in communities across the state.”

A Lake Trust employee hands check to a St. Louis Center employee.

Lake Trust employees gathered at St. Louis Center to spend their day giving back to the community that supports them. After splitting into two groups, they began working on tasks to help the Center get ready for fall. One group worked on pulling weeds and beautification of the landscape at the main building. The other group helped organize a storage room and make decorations for the upcoming Trunk or Treat event.

Upon finishing their work, the group presented the Center with a $1,000 donation. The generosity and hard work of Lake Trust Credit Union is truly a gift.

Why volunteer at St. Louis Center? 

St. Louis Center provides opportunities for community members to give of their time and talent.

Those who do quickly learn how rewarding it is to help the people who call St. Louis Center home.

FIll out the form below to become one of St. Louis Center’s many volunteers, for questions, please contact the Development Office, by phone (734) 475-8430 or E-mail: slcdev@stlouiscenter.org

Please be sure to let us know if you wish to volunteer as a group or have special interests!