Jacqui and Lanard played the lead roles in the recent production on the St. Louis Center stage.

Thanks to the donations of many supporters of the Open Spot Theaters, St. Louis Center residents were able to, once again, put on a theatrical play.

Since 2012, Open Spot Theatre has proudly taught people of ALL abilities music and movement therapy. Theatre classes are designed for everyone, from students with developmental disabilities to seniors. Classes are led by trained instructors who are professionals in theatre, sign language, and/or special education. Singing, acting, and dancing are included in all our programs, along with sign language interpretations.

St. Louis Center residents dressed in costumes for a play on the stage in the gym.

During the first Open Spot Theatre session this year, we were able to use what we’ve learned from past sessions to put on a full play. This session was 8 weeks of extra practice, one-on-one work, and learning. It was a smaller group of 12 residents, providing more extensive skill-building and individualized attention to help residents learn their parts in the play. These two changes took this Spring’s program to the next level.

Open Spot Theatre instructors Miranda and Aral work with patience and diligence to assist the residents in all aspects of a theater production. They guided the residents in the task of writing the script, designing props, and selecting costumes. The resulting production was entitled, “The Princess and the Dance Crew.” Throughout rehearsals, Miranda also guided the residents to learn a little bit of ASL.

After 8 weeks of practice and preparation, it was time to showcase their skills. Over 60 people attended the Open Spot performance on April 22nd. One local teacher commented,

“I loved the play and the fact that the residents get an onstage experience. For a moment, they are a star, with their peers looking on. Theatre is an art and I am so excited that they all get to participate.”

This project is funded in part by Michigan Humanities, an affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Michigan Arts and Culture Council.


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