Rosalie Tocco-Bradley visiting St. Louis Center

Some 25 years ago, when my father and mother discovered the Center, this incredible program pulled on the heart strings of the Tocco family which has ignited our life-long commitment to support the mission and needs of this community!

Following a Family TraditionJack and Toni Tocco, Sr.

My parents Jack and Toni Tocco, discovered St. Louis Center over 20 years ago. I don’t even recall how my father learned about the Center but I do recall the passion and excitement he shared over the special mission of the Center to care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Jack Tocco Sr. and friends at St. Louis CenterMy parents and four brothers along with many friends of their Italian American Club have been devoted to supporting the Center with events and fundraising. As a physician, I too have resonated with the incredible programs at the Center to address the needs of their residents. I know of no program quite like the Center within the surrounding counties. I am honored to participate in the SLC Advisory Council in hopes of continuing to strengthen and grow the St. Louis Center community.


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