Ray, Carlie Hartwick, and Matthew enjoy snow cones together.

Keeping the schedules of 55 people straight is no easy task. Rick Visel has been juggling the work and social calendars of the Center’s residents since 2010. He came to St. Louis Center looking to volunteer after he retired from the Washtenaw County Sherriff Department, but found himself working full-time ever since.

Rick works with the Social Services Department, service groups, volunteers, staff, and the residents themselves to make sure that their evenings and weekends are filled with activities and outings that the residents enjoy. In August 2020, Laura Rayer joined the team as Activities Coordinator, providing enrichment, games, and crafts several days a week to enhance
the residents’ daily lives.

In the early part of 2022, Carlie Hartwick took on the role of Assistant Program Director in order to help manage these busy calendars. She enjoys helping the residents plan activities that they enjoy and that offer opportunities for community engagement.

“It’s been a privilege getting to know the residents and becoming someone they can depend on. Whether it’s helping them complete their household chores or planning and participating in a big event, I am happy to spend quality time with them and watch them grow.” – Carlie

Fr. Franklin, SdC will be taking over Rick’s role as Program Director in 2023, continuing the task of making life more joyful for each resident.

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