Cedric Santana, Social Services Specialist

Cedric Santana joins St. Louis Center as the newest Social Services Specialist. Growing up in the Jackson Area, Cedric always knew that he wanted to help people.

After graduating from Michigan Center in 2016, he pursued his higher education at Western Michigan University majoring in Social Work. While in college, he discovered his passion for the arts of photography and videography. He loves to give back to others. His art is another way he is able to help others.

I get a lot out of seeing my work pay off – Cedric

Another hobby that Cedric enjoys is music. He loves to attend concerts where he takes photos and enjoys his surroundings. In his spare time, he also has helped other artists with songwriting and other aspects of their art.

The Social Work team is excited to have Cedric join them in serving the residents of the Center, who have welcomed him with open arms. Cedric is a dynamic individual who is extremely caring and compassionate. He is a great asset to the Center, and we are excited to welcome him.

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This article appears in the Spring 2023 issue of St. Louis Spirit newsletter.

You can read it online or download the issue in its entirety here.

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