Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another. – Walter Elliot

Fr. Enzo gives communion to his mom

Fr. Enzo, as a new priest, distributes communion to his mother.

Not everyone has an easy road in life, each of us with obstacles along the way. We have all had moments in life when we needed to persevere. The residents of St. Louis Center demonstrate determination by showing perseverance to get through difficulties. It is also important to have people, like you, helping the residents in their journey.

I remember a story from my youth. The wife of my father’s cousin suffered a stroke. Of course, all the members of the family rushed to be by her side. Left at home was her mother-in-law who was almost 100 years old. My mother and her sister heard about this and without being asked, they took this relative home for three weeks. They provided for her, and they didn’t want anything in return because solidarity and charity were their main values. The family was able to persevere because of the help they received.

Resident helping resident

Your help and support are critical for the residents of St. Louis Center. Each resident’s needs are different and important. From helping the more independently abled residents obtain and maintain jobs within the community, to providing day program activities and therapies to those residents who stay at the Center daily, your contributions are essential to making this happen. You are the key to providing these values! Our work is not done.

The residents of St. Louis Center need your help to ensure that they will have the resources to persevere for years to come.

If you are able, we ask that you make a contribution to St. Louis Center today to help continue the progress. Your donation is tax-deductible. You can donate online at or by mailing the completed form below with your contribution. You have been generous to us in the past and we thank you very much. It is an uncertain and challenging time for us all, but with God’s steadfast grace and guidance, along with vigilance and hard work, I am confident that together we can persevere. On behalf of the residents and staff, I send our heartfelt wishes for health, grace, and peace during this
season of Christmas.

God’s blessings to you,

Fr. Enzo Addari, SdC

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79% of donations received go to the care of the Center’s residents.

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