Every organization has to bring into its existence innovation, in order to fight the law of entropy, and thus to be able to continue to exist and prosper. 2022 has been a year of graces and blessings. We give thanks to God for this.

Fr. Joseph Rinaldo retired to a residential facility for seniors run by the Servants of Charity in Bari, Italy. He came to St. Louis Center in 1980 and during his tenure, St. Joseph Hall was built, the main building was modified, and in 1988 Fr. Guanella Hall was constructed. Also, the school-age residents were enrolled in the public school system, and those beyond school age were employed either in sheltered workshops or competitive employment sites. He was instrumental at the beginning of the Legacy Campaign, which has been the basis for the construction of the St. Louis Guanella Village. All of us appreciate the hard work he has done and the vision he had in moving St. Louis Center forward.

Our good friend, Ron Hingst, has gone back with the Lord. Ron was involved with the Celebrity Golf Outing since its inception. This event has raised a considerable amount of money throughout the years for the benevolent care program of St. Louis Center. Through it many people with intellectual and developmental disabilities could be served and their lives enhanced. Thank you, Ron!

The pandemic is not over, but even being a large campus, St. Louis Center didn’t lose any of the residents, all of them were served with proper medical care, and have been healthy and safe. Still, because of it, we are facing a shortage of staff. We are grateful to all the staff who is always willing to go the extra mile in helping the Center and working additional hours to care for the residents.

All the fund-raising activities resumed; the generosity and contributions of the participants have been marvelous. New volunteers have joined St. Louis Center in securing the funds for operations and construction/remodeling programs.

The General Council of the Servants of Charity gave final approval for the remodeling of St. Joseph Hall. Work started during Christmas break. Thus, continuing the vision of the strategic plan to modernize the entire Center campus and offer new ways of serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

This past year Thomas J. Schumacher was called to eternity by the Good Lord, whom he loved deeply. He was close to 81 years of age. He lived at the Center since 2018. We have another guardian angel praying for us.

I want to thank all of you for embracing St. Louis Center and trusting in this mission of love and hope. May God bless you all!


Fr. Enzo Addari

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