Rep. Kathy Schmaltz presents Howdy Holmes with an award.

Paesano Dinner was established many years ago as a way for the St. Louis Center to honor those who are a blessing to the Center. Honorees over the years have included the Priests of the Center and other dignitaries from the local community.

This year the Center had the chance to celebrate the incredible achievements and contributions of Howdy Holmes. The Holmes family started the Jiffy Mix and Chelsea Milling company business in the early 1900s. Over time they have become a household name. The company has always been supportive of the City of Chelsea, Mi.

Howdy has followed in the footsteps of his family by being a supporter of St. Louis Center. When a major decision needs to be made about the progress of the village or other important details, Howdy is the man to call. He is always willing to lend an ear, discuss the options, and give his opinion and full support.

Fifty close friends and supporters gathered for the chance to honor and thank Howdy for his many contributions at this event. The evening started with a social hour while the thunder boomed outside on a blustery night. As people took their seats dinner began, along with the many speeches about Howdy and the marvelous impact he has had on the community as a whole.

Ken Klovski who is a tremendous supporter of St. Louis Center, is also a major fan of Howdy. Ken started the night out with a brief history of Howdy’s first love and career, Indy Car Racing. Howdy was a race car driver for many years and also owned his own motor sports company. This was before settling back into his roots and continuing his family’s business.

Ben Miles, president of Chelsea Hospital continued the evening with his thoughts on how special the Chelsea community is to have Howdy Holmes working for the greater good. Representative Kathy Schmaltz then presented Howdy with a state tribute. She stated, “Howdy always makes a point to help those who can’t help themselves,” Schmaltz said. “It was an honor to present him with a state tribute recognizing his dedication to others, his support of the St. Louis Center, and his devotion to the entire Chelsea community.”

The night ended as Fr. Enzo gifted a painting to Howdy that was painted by a local artist. This painting is a representation of the bond that has been formed between St. Louis Center and the Holmes family, in hopes that it will be hung at Chelsea Milling to remind others of this bond for years to come.

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