Happy and Blessed Summer!

Rain or shine the show has to go on! This was what happened during the Golf and Glory Outing on June 26, 2023 at the UofM Golf Course. The weather had different rules than what we were expecting but between showers some players managed to play through. It was still a glorious day.

I want to thank all the committee members, the volunteers and all those who contributed to the success of the fundraising event. Everyone has shown the great love that each has for St. Louis Center, its residents and their families.

A special thank you goes to coach John Beilein, to coach Jim Harbaugh, and former UofM basketball player Jordan Morgan, who came to meet the players at the beginning of the event making a special day for all.

A thank you goes also to all the people involved in the raffle making it a very successful activity and raising $39,915 for the St. Louis Center benevolent care program.

St. Joseph Hall renovations are complete and the re-dedication has been set for Sunday, August 27, 2023. It is another tassel for the realization of the St. Louis Guanella Village, which was envisioned at the 50th anniversary of the Center in 2010. I want to thank all those who contribute to the carrying out of this plan with their support, generosity and, in a special way, with their love. THANK YOU!

This time has been a time to recollect ourselves and planning for the next fiscal year with all its challenges. We always keep our trust in the Lord who never forgets His precious people; for them He always inspires people of goodwill who show their love and support in caring for them. St. Louis Guanella used to call this Divine Providence that is a love which surrounds everyone in such a way that the stronger and healthier ones care for the weaker and feeble ones with pure love.

Enjoy the Summer!


Fr. Enzo Addari

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