The Food Gatherers boxes often contain an assortment of foods similar to those pictured.

Food Gatherers is the food bank and food rescue program serving Washtenaw County. The lead agency for hunger relief in the County, Food Gatherers supports a network of more than 140 community partners with free and low-cost food, deliveries, and trainings. They operate several large direct service programs — the Food Gatherers Community Kitchen, the Summer Food Service Program, and the Healthy School Pantry Program — and work closely with community schools, universities, and healthcare providers to address gaps in services. Because hunger will not be solved with food alone, we advocate for policies and system changes to create an equitable food system.

“We believe that in a nation of plenty, no one should go hungry.” – Food Gatherers

an adult woman putting canned goods onto a shelfIn the last few years, St. Louis Center has been a recipient of a grant that consists of multiple food donations from Food Gatherers. The donations often consist of things like bread, juices, dessert mixes, snacks, foil pans, beans, and other various canned goods. Each week, one of the Center staff visits the Food Gatherers to pick up items that were requested and any additional items that might be available.

These contributions from Food Gatherers have been a pivotal support to the kitchen staff. At St. Louis Center, we are home to 54 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Among the residents, about 87% have some form of specialized diet. Keeping up with these dietary restrictions and needs is a large undertaking. The Center staff greatly appreciates any support that lessens the load of this incredibly important task.

We are so grateful to Food Gatherers for their continued support!

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