Jackie’s new home is at St. Louis Center in Chelsea!

Happy Halloween!

Jackie moved to a new home in Chelsea MI at the end of August.  She is making new friends and exploring new opportunities as a resident of St. Louis Center. 

Jackie is known for bringing joy to those around her with her friendly smile and bounce in her step especially when there’s music in the air.  Her enthusiasm is contagious during celebrations and she’s an energetic participant in activities.

Merry Christmas!

Jackie’s arrival at St. Louis Center coincided with the wind-down of many pandemic restrictions, with everyone happy to be able to gather for holidays and celebrate events together again. The Center is finally able to restart many of the activities such as music therapy and more weekend outings, in addition to special events and festivities.

Jackie’s first autumn at St. Louis Center gave her an opportunity to demonstrate how much she enjoys Halloween when she wowed the crowd with her ingenious take on a favorite snack and her DJ dance moves during the annual Trunk or Treat event late in October.

Jackie and her grandparents

By early December, she was eager to lead the group in a rendition of “Jingle Bells” at the Christmas Party while everyone waited for Santa Claus! See more about “Santa’s in the house” here.

One of the annual favorites of residents and family alike is the annual Christmas Program, in which each group of residents performs a song or skit to celebrate the holidays for all of the St. Louis Center community. Jackie was thrilled to welcome her grandparents and close friends to share the fun evening together.

Everyone enjoyed a great evening of fun! You can read more about this event here.

Jackie and her mother

Family perseverance – Finding a perfect fit

Jackie has a loving and supportive family who watched her grow from a happy girl into a warmhearted young woman who strives for independence and self-sufficiency. They determined that Jackie needed to be able to thrive in a home of her own.

It’s always a hard decision for any family to make when deciding the next step when a child with I/DD reaches an age to move away, requiring considerable research, due diligence, and great perseverance in the selection and placement processes. Jackie’s mom and dad decided that St. Louis Center was a great fit for her. Jackie thinks so too!

Jackie’s Independence: Growing up and thriving

Jackie growing up

Jackie and Sparty

Perseverance pays off! Jackie enjoys her new friends, new opportunities in Washtenaw ISD, and new adventures as a St. Louis Center resident. The Center enjoys Jackie too, her constant smile, inquisitive nature, and desire to expand the experiences she shares with her fellow residents.

One of Jackie’s favorite activities is the “Open Spot” Special Needs Theater Program, a program that Jackie has participated in and enjoyed in the past, and which we all look forward to having return to St. Louis Center.

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Jackie’s family is helping raise money to support programs including “Open Spot” Theater and other weekend and evening activities for all the residents, especially those without families of their own.

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