Jackie enjoys life at St. Louis Center

Jackie moved to St. Louis Center in Chelsea MI at the end of August 2022. She is making new friends and exploring new opportunities as a resident of St. Louis Center. 

Jackie is known for bringing joy to those around her with her friendly smile and bounce in her step especially when there’s music in the air.  Her enthusiasm is contagious during celebrations and she’s an energetic participant in activities.

Jackie and friends perform with Open Spot Theatre at St. Louis Center

Since 2012, Open Spot Theatre has proudly taught people of ALL abilities music and movement therapy. Theatre classes are designed for everyone, from students with developmental disabilities to seniors. Classes are led by trained instructors who are professionals in theatre, sign language, and/or special education. Singing, acting, and dancing are included in all our programs, along with sign language interpretations.

St. Louis Center paired with Open Spot Theatre before 2020, but the pandemic put a damper on allowing the program. Jackie’s mother, Amy, took it upon herself to raise the funds to bring this program back after seeing the benefits of music and dance in her daughter’s life. The August performance was the second performance of 2023.

Jackie enjoys activities and outings with the Center!

Since moving to St. Louis Center, Jackie has enjoyed many activities and outings. This summer, residents of the Center, including Jackie, participated in the Chelsea Fair Parade, tossing candy from the float. She also went to Chelsea Sounds and Sights Festival.

“She’s very social,” said one Supervisor, Robin. “She loves when we have big parties over the weekend. She came to the Luau party and the Neon Glow party.” During the school year, she enjoys the bowling outings and crafts with Laura at the Center.

Family perseverance – Finding a perfect fit

Jackie has a loving and supportive family who watched her grow from a happy girl into a warmhearted young woman who strives for independence and self-sufficiency. They determined that Jackie needed to be able to thrive in a home of her own.

It’s always a hard decision for any family to make when deciding the next step when a child with I/DD reaches an age to move away, requiring considerable research, due diligence, and great perseverance in the selection and placement processes. Jackie’s mom and dad decided that St. Louis Center was a great fit for her. Jackie thinks so too!

Jackie’s Independence: Growing up and thriving

Jackie growing up

Perseverance pays off! Jackie is enjoying her friends, opportunities in Washtenaw ISD, and adventures as a St. Louis Center resident. The Center enjoys Jackie too, her constant smile, inquisitive nature, and desire to expand the experiences she shares with her fellow residents.

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YOU can play a large part in the day-to-day lives of the residents who call St. Louis Center home. We are so very grateful for your generosity!

Jackie’s family is helping raise money to support programs including Open Spot Theater and other weekend and evening activities for all the residents, especially those without families of their own.

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