Community members had the opportunity to visit with Santa and spend time with the residents.

St. Louis Center residents joined around 50 community members for a magical pancake breakfast and a special visit with Santa right at the Center. It all went down on Saturday, December 16th, turning the gym into a festive wonderland just in time for Santa’s grand entrance.

As guests and residents stepped inside, a festive entrance, leading them into a gym transformed for the occasion, greeted them. Tables were all set, ready for kids of every age with interactive place settings that had games and coloring areas to spark joy.

A small group of children are listening to a story.After everyone enjoyed a delicious breakfast, it was time for some festive crafting. People could visit different craft areas to create their very own Christmas bookmarks and ornaments. To add to the magic, the classic tale of “T’was the Night Before Christmas” was read aloud, setting the perfect atmosphere.

A woman with Down syndrome is hugging Santa.

Then, cue the jingle bells. Santa made a grand entrance, creating a buzz of excitement among the kids and residents. With names called, everyone patiently waited for their turn to share their wishes with Santa. The jolly man himself took his time, making sure he knew exactly what everyone wanted.

Once the wishes were shared, guests and residents got to choose a present from under the beautifully adorned tree. It was a special moment of joy and surprise for everyone involved.

Parents and kids alike had a blast mingling with the residents, creating memories that will last a lifetime. This event was a big hit, spreading joy and warmth throughout the community. It is safe to say that the pancake breakfast with Santa at St. Louis Center was a magical and well-loved experience for everyone!

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