Kirk Horodeczny and Fr. Amal enjoyed visiting during the dinner.

Pasta with the Priests, an annual dinner celebration, returned to St. Louis Center on February 9th, welcoming 54 guests to an exciting evening of pasta and fellowship.

For over 11 years, the Fall Auction has offered fundraising tickets to the Pasta with the Priests event, which traditionally takes place annually in February. Patrons look forward to sharing laughter and chatting over a pasta dinner prepared by the kitchen staff of St. Louis Center.

The event allows guests to connect with the priests at St. Louis Center while enjoying a delicious meal. Pasta with the Priests gives guests a unique experience to foster relationships with those who run the Center on a daily basis.

Pasta with the Priests is a beautiful example of how partnerships between businesses and non-profit organizations can create positive outcomes and bring people together for a good cause.

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