A St. Louis Center resident for over 25 years, Stanley is a social butterfly who prides himself in working with the community.

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Stanley is a familiar face to many in the Chelsea and Dexter communities. He worked for many years at Classic Pizza in Dexter, where he learned many important job skills. Armed with that experience, Stanley started a new job on June 16th at Family Farm and Home in Chelsea. Some of his duties are similar, like sweeping, mopping and stocking products. But he has also acquired some new skills–like taking care of the chickens.

Three job coaches (pictured below with Stanley) were on hand the first day to help make sure everything went smoothly. Stanley said, “My job coaches watch and make sure I do my job well.” He clearly takes pride in his work and enjoys his job. Outgoing and gregarious, Stanley’s passion for his community is evident to everyone. He has grown into a leadership role at the Center, as well, eagerly helping at fundraisers and community events.

“I am in the community a lot. I get to meet new people. It helps me develop new skills.” – Stanley

The next time you are at Family Farm and Home in Chelsea, MI, keep an eye out for Stanley. He will be ready to greet you with a smile and a story!


Help cover the cost of benevolent care for residents like Stanley.

Stanley, like many of the other residents at the center, rely on your help to provide the Benevolent Care that is needed to help him maintain his community-oriented life.

We use the term Benevolent Care often here at St. Louis Center, but what does that mean? The Center receives funding from residents (through social security), their families and/or state and federal sources. However, the cost of care exceeds those reimbursements by $3,000 to $5,000 a month per resident, depending on their level of need. St. Louis Center must raise Benevolent Care funds to cover that gap. Those funds provide for direct care workers who provide for residents’ daily needs, shelter, clothing, food, and things like toiletries and supplies.

Benevolent Care donations are tax deductible and help St. Louis Center provide a dynamic and engaged life for its 64 residents each day. You can learn more about Benevolent Care at St. Louis Center here.