There is always something to be thankful for even when life gets a little hard. Accepting help even in tough times is not always easy because as humans want to do everything independently. There might be financial struggles, health issues, food insecurity, or even loneliness. People tend to want to solve every issue on their own. No one wants to rely on others. However, there are times when this is just not possible, no matter how perseverant one might be, and assistance is truly needed.

Meals on Wheels delviery

A Little Bit of Help

Meals on Wheels is a program designed to give that little bit of help and hope to people who need just a little assistance. For several years now the St. Louis Center residents have been giving back to others by delivering meals to members of the Chelsea community. Through a grant in 2021, the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation helps to fund the St. Louis Center’s involvement with Meals on Wheels.

Bryan Picks His Battles

Bryan Kircher is one of the community members who looks forward to these visits. Brian was born and raised in Dexter where he graduated from high school in 1999. But his life was far from typical. Bryan was born differently abled: he is lacking arms and legs.

Wanting to do what was best for Bryan, his parents had him enrolled in a private school until 4th grade when he got the opportunity to attend public school. In those days it was not common for students to have a computer to aide their studies, but due to his needs, Bryan had that privilege at an early age. It turned out to be a great passion of his: math and computers. He even went to college to study computer aided design. His great interest though was web design.

Bryan’s first job was as a cashier at Burger King and he even used to drive a car.

We all have strengths. We need to keep looking until we find them. – Bryan Kircher

Bryan moved to Chelsea 15 years ago to an apartment that suits his physical needs. Though he hasn’t always relied on a wheelchair, he has been suffering a lot of pain stemming from his youth and the abuse of his knees in order to get around. The doctors made him some special shoes, but he feels more at ease navigating with the wheelchair.

Mutual Self-Giving

“The worst thing is to feel alone. There is help out there.” Bryan has had friends and most importantly an older brother to look out for him. He really looks forward to the visit from the St. louis Center residents and staff. “The driver comes in to help put the food where I can get it. And more importantly, we share a few minutes of conversation.”

Thanks to the Meals on Wheels program Bryan continues to thrive in his home and the St. Louis Center residents are able to take pride in the fact that they are able to help others who need it.

Bryan reminds them, “it is important to have a good perspective. Balance is key.” He will tell them often, “Pick your battles. If a battle is too big, it doesn’t have to be fought alone. Where there is faith, anything is possible.”

Another happy recipient of the meals on wheels program is Elaine. She enjoys seeing the residents daily and shares a smile and sometimes a quick story. Then the residents are on their way to the next home to bring happiness and nutrients to the next community member.

St. Louis Center has participated in meals on wheels for over 5 years and 15 residents take turns each day participating in the program. This is a great way for the residents to give back to the community who gives so much to them.

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