This article is part of the “Stories the Inspire – Independence” series describing the many ways St. Louis Center is helping residents reach their potential through the cultivation of personal INDEPENDENCE.

St. Louis Center was proud to start a new education program this year called Independence College. Through hard work and perseverance, 10 residents went through a wide array of classes to teach them the skills necessary to lead more independent lives. The residents of the Center are thankful for your support which allows them to have greater community involvement with access to a wide range of different events, programs, and activities.

After their graduation in April of 2022, the resident graduates are enjoying the benefits they have gained by being more independent. With gained achievements of independence comes greater freedom to do even more in the community.

What Independence Means to The Graduates

“Independence means they are able to live in a more independent home.” – Sheryl Mohr, Social Services Supervisor at St. Louis Center.

Adults at the grocery storeOn the St. Louis Center Campus, two homes are being used for cultivating an independent environment for the residents. With less hands-on supervision and more ability to do household tasks, the residents are enjoying being more active in their own decision-making processes. Residents use their social skills and teamwork to complete activities, while supervision watches closely but intervenes less. Tasks like shopping for groceries and cooking dinner in their homes are now being done by the Independence College graduates.

Going places is also more fun with a greater sense of independence. Graduates of the Independence College program now will have more access to outings in the community. In early May many of the graduates were able to attend a Tulip Festival, where they got to see natures beauty and socialize with the community. They will also be attending functions throughout the summer months that include a booth at the Farmers Market, Sights and Sounds of Chelsea, and be ambassadors for the Center at fundraisers.

The Future of Independence College

Each resident at St. Louis Center is able to achieve greater independence in their own way. Every residents’ goals are different and they are all striving to do their part. Future semesters of Independence College will look different from the one that just ended to meet the needs of the individual attendees. Sheryl and the Social Services Team is working hard to create the next plan for Independence College.

As a supporter of St. Louis Center, we thank you for following the residents’ journey of independence. The residents excitedly anticipate sharing more of their independence stories with you.

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