Independence at St. Louis Center

Do you remember the first time you cooked a meal for yourself? Patiently, you learned the skills needed to tackle each task of preparing the meal, and you finally had the chance to bring it all together. That feeling of independence is the ultimate accomplishment of your hard work.

Your love and support has helped people with I/DD to be resilient and overcome the tough times of 2020 and 2021. You play an important part in each of the St. Louis Center residents independence journeys. The residents and staff of the Center thank you!

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Help cover the cost of benevolent care for residents like Jacqui, Lisa, Lee, and Sarah.

Jaqui, like many of the other residents at the center, rely on your help to provide the Benevolent Care that is needed to help him maintain her community-oriented life.

We use the term Benevolent Care often here at St. Louis Center, but what does that mean? The Center receives funding from residents (through social security), their families and/or state and federal sources. However, the cost of care exceeds those reimbursements by $3,000 to $5,000 a month per resident, depending on their level of need. St. Louis Center must raise Benevolent Care funds to cover that gap. Those funds provide for direct care workers who provide for residents’ daily needs, shelter, clothing, food, and things like toiletries and supplies.

Benevolent Care donations are tax deductible and help St. Louis Center provide a dynamic and engaged life for its 64 residents each day. You can learn more about Benevolent Care at St. Louis Center here.