This article is part of the “Stories the Inspire – Independence” series describing the many ways St. Louis Center is helping residents reach their potential through the cultivation of personal INDEPENDENCE.

SLC kitchen staff trains resident

Lisa learned how to make smoothies from Arynn, SLC cook.

St. Louis Center continues to move forward in developing Independent Living Skills among the residents. This year we established Mike’s House, an independent living home for women, and moved in five ladies. These women were excited to be able to have more independence and, of course, the most exciting thing was being able to plan and cook their own meals. 

“My favorite meal is Chicken Lettuce Wraps that my sister makes when I go to visit her. We try to make it here once a week.”

The Kitchen Supervisor, Robert Walker, first sat down with the  group to help them plan a menu  that was healthy and nutritionally  sound. Although many of the big  items were purchased through SLC  kitchen vendors, each resident has a monthly SNAP card, with  which they are able to buy things  that are enjoyable to them—the special coffee creamer, or dessert  that makes them happy. Together they prepare a grocery list and go shopping with their Direct Care Worker.  

“We went grocery shopping last night. I got Chobani yogurt. Chobani Flip is my favorite.”

The next step is cooking the meals! The ladies work together, under the supervision of their DCW, to prepare meals that they eat together as a family.

The ladies also have daily chores around the kitchen. Someone sets the table, another does the dishes and  the floor is swept when all is said and done by yet another. It takes a lot of cooperation, but this team of women have been friends for years, and they have really made it work. They even pitch in to help their roommates finish their chores when necessary.

Jacqui talks about Independence College.

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