It all began with Fabius and Bessie Nadeau who lived down the road from St. Louis Center on Old US-12 during the 60’s through the mid-1980’s. Fabius became friends with the first Servants of Charity priests who were seeking help from the local community, would make regular trips to St. Louis School to lend his support. Known as “Mr. Fabulous” to the St. Louis Center children of that era, he became very popular after purchasing the first commercial grade popcorn machine for the kids to enjoy as a regular treat.

Fabius’ interest in St. Louis School was passed on to his son Douglas and his wife Mary, who became very involved in the growth of St. Louis Center and its many golf outings and fundraisers, recruiting many friends from St. Mary Parish and the Knights of Columbus along the way to become more involved with each passing year. Doug and Mary were great friends to the Servants of Charity and were daily Mass attendees until Doug’s passing on May 22, 2017, followed by the advent of Covid during 2021-22. They were special friends of Fr. Fortunato Turati, who was a huge Notre Dame Football fan, and could be found at their home on Old US-12 watching college football every year during the season.

Doug and Mary had four sons and a daughter, including Michael (Sherry), Don (Tammy), Brian, Cheryl (Douglas) Houk, and Ken (Leda). This third generation of the family maintains a continuing commitment of support to St. Louis Center, and this year they’ve become a Gold Sponsor for the Golf and Glory Outing at UM Golf Course. The 2018 Memorial Golf Outing in July was dedicated to Douglas in 2018, and since then, his family has rounded up a large number of players to support St. Louis Center. Six teams and 24 players participated in 2021.

And that brings us to the Fourth Generation of the Nadeau Family. Brad and Ryan Nadeau have been playing in the Memorial Golf Outing during the past four years, and with the Fourth Generation growing into adulthood, hopefully the legacy of the Nadeau Family will carry on well into the future. St. Louis Center and the Servants of Charity are grateful for the many contributions of the Nadeau Family, and we thank them for their service.

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