Behind every well run foster care home is a strong leader with the ability to make quick decisions and change plans on the fly.

At St. Louis Center, we have seven supervisors who are leading the transition to independence for our staff and residents. They provide age appropriate activities that allow choice and are meaningful to the residents, to ensure that they have a meaningful day, which leads to a meaningful life.

“The best part of my job is the residents. It is really wonderful seeing them having such a great time during activities and outing we have planned. They really enjoy tailgate parties in the gym and going bowling.” – Robin Smith, Direct Care and Training Supervisor

Another important aspect of their job is to mentor the direct care workers. It is especially important for them to guide newly hired staff members so that they will also become champions for the residents.

Residents, staff and families are grateful for the Direct Care Workers and their supervisors. They keep the Center’s residents active, happy, and make sure they are cared for. These workers fulfill the mission of St. Louis Center on a daily basis.

“I let the residents have input on what their day will look like. I want to be sure that they will enjoy what they are doing instead of just following a schedule that I make.” – Carlie Hartwick, Direct Care Supervisor

To learn more about working with an amazing team like this one, or to apply to become part of the Center’s staff, click here.

This post is on page 8 and 9 of St. Louis Center’s 2021 Annual Report 2021.

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