Russ and Kay Payeur were on hand at the Center to talk about the amazing wooden toys that
Russ built and donated to the Center.

Touring the Village Homes

St. Louis Center once again invited benefactors to the campus to take a “Peek at the Progress of the Village.” Tuesday, April 26th, a group of 20 donors took tours of the most recent updates on campus. These visitors enjoyed the chance to look at the progress of the houses and meet some of the residents who live in them. They had a chance to visit three of the new homes in the village. The first stop was of the tour was Mike’s House. This house is home to women who completed Independence College and require less daily assistance. The second stop was D’Adamo House, home to men who have completed Independence College, as well, and acquired the skills to live with less assistance. The last stop was the Duplex. As part of the integrated community, this home is currently available for anyone to rent.

Taste Testing Resident Favorites

Residents shared samples of some of their favorite foods. At each tour stop they were treated to foods appropriate to the diets of the residents. Many of the residents at St. Louis Center have special dietary needs that are addressed by the kitchen staff daily. As guests strolled through the homes, they had the opportunity to taste three different types of dietary specialties that are common to the residents..

At Mike’s House, they offered ground sausage dip. Due to issues with swallowing, a ground diet is sometimes prescribed to residents. Guests enjoyed it with a chip, but residents on a ground diet would use a spoon. At D’Adamo House, residents were offering whoopie pies. These were specific to autistic individuals, as research has found that autistic individuals show fewer symptoms when given a gluten free and casein free diet. That’s right – these delicious whoopie pies were both gluten and dairy free. The last stop was the Duplex, where chicken strips were being served; this is always a resident favorite. However, to bring awareness once again to choking and swallowing concerns, these chicken strips were cut up to show how residents who are a choking risk (but don’t necessarily need a ground diet) would enjoy this treat. Residents might enjoy their favorite foods this way if they tend to eat too quickly or have a chewing issue.

Russ’ Wooden Toys

Russ and Kay Payeur were available in the lobby to chat about Russ’s wooden toy creations and how his hobby is making an impact at St. Louis Center. Guests stopped at their table to check out the beautiful wooden toys before or after their tour around the campus.

During dinner, Fr. Enzo spoke about the importance of their generosity, as the building of the villages and homes would not be possible without our generous donors. Fr. Ronald, Provincial Superior, also thanked everyone for their continued support.

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