Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience centered on God’s love for people with special needs age 14 and older.”  – TTF website

On Friday, February 11, 2022 Night to Shine celebrated its 8th Anniversary as thousands from around the world came together to honor people with disabilities. Sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, this event is placed on the social calendar of the St. Louis Center residents as soon as the official date is announced each year.

Night to Shine Comes to SLC

Stanley getting a boutonniere Dusting off those dancing shoes, residents put on their fancy clothes and prepared for the 2022 Night to Shine Prom. The event was held in the Center’s gym due to the ongoing pandemic. The local host church, 2|42 Community Church – Ann Arbor, insured that each resident got an official Night to Shine swag bag, event poster, and proper royal headgear of crowns and tiaras.

After getting their corsage or boutonniere (also provided 2|42), each resident proceeded down the balloon-lined path of the SLC lobby toward the gym. Each Queen and King was crowned before being shown to their seats.

SLC residents at Night to ShineSmiles filled the room as residents arrived at their 2022 Prom. Music played, and some danced, but everyone was excited about what was in the swag bags and prepared for dinner. The St. Louis Center kitchen staff prepared an Italian meal of mostaccioli and garlic bread accented by mixed vegetables and a fruit cup. The residents were served a plated dish, some specially prepared for dietary needs. The meal was topped off with Night to Shine cupcakes baked and donated by Grace Gibbs.

Let the Fun Begin

Once everyone had a chance to eat, the music went from dinner to dance, and the residents were ready! Many of their favorite tunes were played and they even had a conga line. A large screen was set up so that the residents could watch the official 2022 Night to Shine broadcast, featuring Tim Tebow.

I loved the dancing. Cassandra did a great job as a volunteer.”  – Stanley

SLC residents love to danceA Bit of Thanks

This event was a great example of how a few volunteers came together to create a festive occasion for the residents. Laura Rayer, St. Louis Center Activities Coordinator, was instrumental in getting the decorations up and making sure that everyone had a great time. Kansey Bauer of 2|42 Community Church was the liaison with the Tim Tebow Foundation to coordinate all of the Night to Shine swag. Her team also provided balloons, corsages and boutonnieres, and amazing cookies. Special thanks to Rob Walker, St. Louis Center Kitchen Supervisor, and his staff for making dinner a little fancier for the event. Grace Gibbs baked the cupcakes. Her mother and sister delivered them to the Center and stayed to help pin on flowers. Cassandra Kennedy, an American Heritage Girl, volunteered her time to crown the honored guests and spend time dancing with them.

Everyone is looking forward to Night to Shine 2023!!!


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