Teen dressed in a scout uniform

Cassandra Kennedy
American Heritage Girls
Troop #3498

Scouts are Committed to Service

Scouting has been a part of growing up in the US for more than a hundred years. Many scouts strive to earn the highest award offered by their organization. Over 2 million Boy Scouts of America members have achieved this honor including several projects at St. Louis Center. American Heritage Girls was founded in 1995 and is following in the scouting traditions of service to others. Their Stars and Stripes Award also follows this tradition.

Scouts Serve at St. Louis Center

St. Louis Center is pleased to announce that the first scout to complete a project on the Center’s campus for the highest award in American Heritage Girls was achieved this year. Cassandra Kennedy, of Chelsea MI, spent months planning, doing required paperwork and building three Little Libraries for St. Louis Center; thus fulfilling the requirements for a Stars and Stripes Award. As a result, Cassandra is the 18th young woman in the state of Michigan to achieve American Heritage Girls highest honor and one of less than 1,000 nationwide.

The Libraries are Dedicated

people sitting at long tables in the St. Lous Center gymTo publicly recognize Cassandra’s work and give thanks to donors who supported the project, the libraries were officially dedicated on Tuesday, April 16, 2022. Donors, Friends of the Chelsea Library, members of American Heritage Girls Troop 3498 and family members filled the gym at St. Louis Center.

The libraries have been officially available for use by the residents since late February. Staff is also encouraged to borrow the books and even read them to the residents under their care.

Pirest in St/ Louis Center gymFr. Franklin welcomed everyone and opened the evening with a short prayer. Cassandra gave a short presentation about the project and most everyone walked outside to the site of one of the libraries for a ribbon cutting ceremony.

As a result of this project and the many other activities in which Cassandra participates, she was chosen as one of five Young Citizens of the Year. Read the article HERE

These libraries and the books they contain will be a treasured part of the Center’s campus for many years to come.

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