The generosity of the Knights of Columbus doesn’t stop when the Tootsie Roll Drive ends. These hard working faith-filled men hold fish fries, chicken broils, golf outings, raffles and more. All so that they can continue to support worthy causes. One of those worthy causes is St. Louis Center.

Knights of Columbus and St. Louis Center

The residents of St. Louis Center all know who the Knights of Columbus are not only because of the Tootsie Roll Drive, but because the K of C members make a real effort to know them in return. Several area Councils serve picnic dinners for the residents, plan Christmas parties and the Knights even send them out to enjoy the great American pastime: baseball.

Fun at the Ballpark

Every year the Knights invite residents of St. Louis Center to come enjoy Vocation Night at Jackson Stadium, providing tickets for 25 residents and staff to get in the game, a bus to transport them from Chelsea and a voucher for dinner from the concession stand.

Knights and residentsThis year the game was on Friday, August 5th. The Dean Transportation bus arrived at St. Louis Center in plenty of time to get the group to Lansing well before the game began. They were dropped off right in front of the stadium and the staff guided the excited residents into the ball park. As the group made their way to their seats, they were greeted by the familiar faces of the Knights of Columbus members.

It was a perfect evening for a ball game! The sun was shining, the hotdogs were delicious, and the Lugnuts played a great game. When it was time to leave, the Knights of Columbus made sure that each resident got a rosary to take home.

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