A group of nine Day Program residents and three staff members ventured out to the Saline Community Fair on August 31st. The fair put on an inclusion day special which offered free admission to St. Louis Center residents and staff.


disabled adults at an outdoor showNot a Cloud in the Sky

The weather was perfect for a day at the fair – warm, blue skies, and a breeze. We entered the fair and were greeted by friendly staff. Then we headed to the “Comedy Farm Magic Review” show hosted by Farmer John. We joined a group of people gathered around a trailer with a stage disguised as a red barn with a clucking chicken. 

staff on Stage iFarmer John kept the crowd entertained with magic tricks, jokes, and fun music to dance along to. At one point during the show, Farmer John asked for a parent or chaperone volunteer to come to the stage. Some residents immediately started to point to one of our staff members, Ashley. Ashley joined Farmer John on the stage and was prompted to do the chicken dance and a magic trick – all while wearing a fabulous chicken hat. She was a great sport! The show got our residents laughing, dancing, and clapping along.

People in a fair gallery
A Stroll through the Displays

Once the show ended, we headed towards a picnic area and had a wonderful lunch together. After lunch, we spent some time walking through one of the barns. We looked at the floriculture pieces, photographs, vegetables, quilts, and homemade items. Afterward, we headed back to St. Louis Center.

All in all, the residents and staff had a great time at the fair and look forward to the opportunity to return next year!

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