Happy Easter!

The existence of St. Louis Center is a witness to the mystery of the death and resurrection of the Lord.

Throughout its history and for so many years, St. Louis Center has brought hope to many people and will continue to do so for years to come.

This has been possible because of so many people taking the Center under their wings and helping it to fly high. We are very grateful to you and give thanks for your assistance in achieving such levels.

The pandemic is not over yet…

…but the time we have available gives us the opportunity to look at the programs we offer and constantly go back to the drawing board to redesign how we offer services. Now that we are seeing many more needs for the aging population, we are investing a lot to train the staff in order to face these new needs and challenges. Fr. Guanella Hall has truly become what we had envisioned years ago when we planned for the construction of St. Louis Guanella Village. At the same time higher functioning and independent residents are working on independence goals in order to live in smaller houses where, under supervision, they will take care of their own needs, from cooking, cleaning, and shopping to recreational activities in the community, just to quote some.

We also continue to envision the future and how to up-date the existing buildings to be in line with new trends and ways of life, thus the main building will be repurposed and will become a place for day activities for the residents who for one reason or another have difficulties in community settings. In addition, plans are underway to upgrade St. Joseph Hall, making all single occupancy rooms which give personalized space to the residents.

We have been able to hire additional staff and admit new residents. Still a lot of work has to be done for this for the needs keep growing day by day, especially in having specialized staff for carrying out the different programs.

All of this is part of the witnessing of the mystery we are celebrating now during spring and the Easter Season.

Happy Easter to all.

Fr. Enzo Addari

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