During the 50th anniversary celebration of the St. Louis Center, a decision was made to bring the center to a new level of services.

Thus, a legacy committee was formed and money started to be raised in order to build the St. Louis Guanella Village and the renovation of the existing buildings.

The village has started to take shape with new cottages built and homes for people from the community, thus crating an integrated village where people with intellectual and developmental disabilities live next to each other enriching everyone.

Following this trend very soon we will remodel the St. Joseph Hall, reducing the number of people living at this facility and giving them the opportunity to have a personal, single room to foster the sense of belonging and to have something that is for self. Work will start at Christmas time and will be completed in few months.

Another project will be underway soon as well: the main kitchen, designed at the end of the 50’s, needs a major renovation work in order to address all the food preparation needs. We want to thank Rep. Walberg for being instrumental in getting a federal grant for this project, which will require few months of work and at the same time alternatives for continuing to prepare the food for the residents.

New residents have been enrolled into the Center’s residential programs. We are shaping the day program with the hiring of a day program coordinator; thus, we are able to serve those residents who need services as well people from the community whose guardians are looking for meaningful activities for their loved ones during the day.

All the fund-raising committees are working very hard (I thank all the members for this) to raise the amount of money needed for the daily operation of the center ( $19,178.00 a day, which is $10,137.00 of earned revenue and $9,041.00 in donation). I want to thank all of you for being the caring hand of God for those ‘who are precious in His sight’ and for giving us the encouragement to be a light house of hope for many people.


Fr. Enzo Addari

This article appears in the Fall 2022 issue of St. Louis Spirit newsletter.

You can read it online or download the issue in its entirety here.

If Fr. Enzo’s message inspires you to give, please consider making a donation of any amount through the Center’s online form.