Angela Ly and Camille Patton may have arrived as strangers to one another, but they left as friends.

Each summer the Notre Dame Club of Jackson facilitates the hiring of two current Notre Dame students as interns for St. Louis Center. After the spring semester ends, the students arrive for a six week internship at the Center. Depending on the course of study of the students, they complete a final project based upon their experiences while working at the Center. Both Angela and Camille are aspiring to careers in the field of healthcare.

The two of them went out of their way to be sure that the residents were experiencing the beauty of the season and the fullness of the activities available to them.

They went with the residents to the Special Olympics Summer Games, movies, community events and on a berry picking adventure.

Staff members organized a farewell celebration on July 8th that included games, dancing and of course cupcakes. After six weeks of work and fun, the two Notre Dame interns bid a fond farewell to the residents and staff of St. Louis Center.

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