Each year, since 1905, the International Order of Alhambra holds a special day at the circus for those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD).

A Family Man Who Blesses Many

For over 30 years, Cliff Dake worked as a sales engineer for different automotive industry OEMs, allowing him the opportunity to travel and meet wonderful people throughout Europe, Mexico, and Canada. Cliff has a love for the Lord Jesus Christ and has dedicated his life to serving in many different capacities. He has also been a member of the Knights of Columbus since 1978.

Married to Sheila for 46 years, together they have two children and six grandchildren. A caring and kind family man, Cliff is sharing a love with his family that is pure and grounded in the Lord’s undying love. Cliff also sings with an award-winning barbershop quartet, who won the district of Michigan championships in 2007.

“God has always blessed us by placing us right where he needs us throughout our life.” – Cliff Dake

Cliff and Alhambra

A trip to Alhambra’s Day at the Circus was a pivotal moment for Cliff Dake. It was then that Cliff knew this was something he had to be a part of. Alhambra’s mission was clear – enhance the quality of life for people with intellectual and development disabilities and memorialize people, places and events significant to our Catholic heritage.

Cliff has had many roles with Alhambra Manresa Caravan #217, Michigan Region VI Council of Caravans, and the International Council of Viziers through the 12 years that he has been a member. These include committee work for the International Order of Alhambra Biennial convention in Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio, and Maryland, Scribe for Manresa Caravan #217, Vice Grand Commander, Grand Commander, Scribe for Michigan Council of Caravans, Supreme Director for Region VI, Alhambra Editor, Scribe of the Exchequer at Manresa Caravan #217, and Vice Supreme Commander.

Cliff and Alhambra are wonderful assets to St. Louis Center. Through their many contributions and works, we are thankful for their support of our residents.

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