Stories of Inspiration to Brighten Your Holidays – Keavan

The holidays are a time to celebrate life’s blessings, and for Keavan and his dad, Charles, they are still celebrating Keavan’s new life at St. Louis Center. Being the parent to a child with special needs brings many challenges. For some time, Charles had been looking for a place that could provide the special care and support Keavan needed. But because he didn’t qualify for Medicaid, Keavan was automatically ineligible for services at many facilities. One day while searching online, Charles discovered what turned out to be a perfect fit–St. Louis Center. So, he began the admission process, while Keavan lived in a group home.Keavan cooks

When his move to St. Louis Center took place in October of 2018, just like starting anything new, it took a little time to get for Keavan to get used to his new home. But the staff welcomed him and made him feel comfortable.

“St. Louis Center is truly a gift to our family.”
      – Charles, Keavan’s dad

“St. Louis Center is an extremely special place,” said Charles. “There is pure love at the Center. I often worried about Keavan when he lived in the group home, but not at St. Louis Center. The staff is so loving and I know he is getting good care.”

Keavan loves the Center, too, and all of the holiday celebrations that the Christmas season brings.

St. Louis Center has also ensured that Keavan has uninterrupted access to Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD) programming. Before the pandemic, he was transported to Red Oak School in Ann Arbor. Now, he participates in virtual classes. Charles appreciates the amazing care from his teacher, Terri. Throughout the period of virtual school Terri continues to give personalized weekly reports about Keavan’s progress, which is currently a collaboration between WISD and SLC staff.