Lisa gets a blue ribbon and a place of honor for her painting.

Every year Lisa spends hours and hours creating arts, crafts and jewelry to enter into the Chelsea Community Fair. As Fair time approaches, she gets excited about the day when all items need to be brought to the fairgrounds for judging. This year circumstances did not work in Lisa’s favor. On Sunday, August 21st, there was no chance of getting her a ride to the fairground to enter her items into the fair. You can imagine Lisa’s disappointment.

First thing on Monday morning, Lisa went to Sheryl Mohr, Social Services Supervisor at St. Louis Center, her eyes filled with tears. She could barley explain what happened. Sheryl was able to calm Lisa down and get her off to work. Next, Sheryl made some phone calls to the Fair office and pleaded with the officials to take a look at Lisa’s work. They reluctantly agreed; bending the rules based on the situation.

Next, Sheryl got in her car and drove over to the fairgrounds. the fair officials were waiting for her to arrive so they could look at Lisa’s artwork. They took one look at her painting and knew right away that she was a blue ribbon winner. They couldn’t put her pieces in the display barn, but hers got a special place on the wall in the fair office.

On the last day of the fair, Lisa stopped at the office to meet the Fair officials and be awarded her blue ribbon. After receiving the ribbon, Lisa and other residents were in the Chelsea Parade. Lisa proudly wore her blue ribbon through the whole parade. What a proud moment for this St. Louis Center artist.

This article appears in the Fall 2022 issue of St. Louis Spirit newsletter.

You can read it online or download the issue in its entirety here.

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