Let’s take a look back at the moments left a mark on St. Louis Center. Between changes in the strategic plan, the pandemic, and many giving hearts, the year 2021 was a memorable one.


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Fr. Enzo’s Letter

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Page 4

Independence College

Recent History

Page 5


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Page 9

Woman checking her own blood presure

Independent Homes

Page 10

SLC admins in the main lobby

CARF & Numbers

Page 11

Stephen Doan

Page 12

Kevin McMullen

Page 13

Working in Community

Page 14

Working in Community

Page 15

Joe Vicari

Page 16

Clif Dake

Page 17

Family Association

Page 18

Fall Auction

Page 19

Ways to Support

Page 20

Knights Match

Page 21

Moved by Love to Serve

Page 22

Legacy of Love: Dawn

Page 23

Community Advisory Council

Page 24


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