Our first story is about Rabecca, or Rebbie as her dad and grandmother affectionately call her. Rebbie has only lived at St. Louis Center for just less than a year, but it’s been a time of big transformation for her and her family.

Rebbie’s grandmother, Sally, and father, Mike, were trying to give her the round-the-clock care she needed and manage their own health challenges at the same time. Things became especially challenging when Rebbie aged out of the program she had been in and ended up spending most of her time in her room listening to music. Because she wasn’t moving much, Rebbie had begun to gain weight. But worst of all, her family could see that she had stopped making progress.

MeetRabecca2.jpgAfter reaching the heart-wrenching conclusion that they could no longer provide the care she needed, Sally and Mike came to St. Louis Center for a visit. Fortunately, a spot was available.

“It was an answer to prayer,” Sally said. “Rebbie’s in a place where people look upon her with love and understanding and strive to help her communicate. We can see that she is making progress and being well taken care of. It is a huge blessing that she is at the Center–her lifetime home.”

A Loving Home - Count Me In.pngYou can read more about Rebbie and her family in the year-end appeal, which will appear in your mailbox soon, or click here to see her story online.

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