A caring residential community for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Rebbie01.pngMeet Rabecca...

Rebbie, as she is affectionately known, lived at home with her father and grandmother since she was an infant.  They lovingly took care of her many special needs -- getting up with her in the middle of the night, feeding her, taking her to doctor appointments, enrolling her in special programs and so much more.  But as Rebbie outgrew these programs and became increasingly isolated, her family became concerned that she was losing ground.  Those challenges, along with their own health and age related issues, brought them to the heart-wrenching conclusion that they could no longer provide the high level of daily care that Rebbie needed.  So they called St. Louis Center.

Rebbie02.png“Since coming to the Center, her life has opened up and gotten very bright,” said grandmother, Sally. “This is a place where people look upon Rebbie with understanding. They recognize that this nonverbal little girl communicates in a different way. The change has been gradual, but real. We no longer have to worry.”

Many of St. Louis Center’s 70 residents come from families like Rebbie’s. For them, the Center provides peace of mind knowing that the needs of their child will be met. For residents who do not have a family, St. Louis Center has become their family.

We have enjoyed a wonderful 60-year history. However, because of the pandemic, this year has been one of the most challenging yet, with an anticipated $600,000 loss in revenue. Still, we are committed to provide a home for the residents—along with services like music therapy, pet therapy, adaptive movement and jobs in the community and for the school-age residents, enrolling them in public school—that ensure that each person has the opportunity to live a full and active life.

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"St. Louis Center is the blessing of our lives.  Never have we doubted we were led to the right place."

Rebbie's Grandmother, Sally, and Father, Mike