St. Louis Center is happy to have visitors back on campus, and they were welcomed back in a big way. Donors were able to take a “peek at the progress” that has occurred since social distancing has limited visitation to the SLC campus. Thursday, October 7th, a group of 45 donors was able to visit, tour around the village, and see what has changed in the past almost 18 months. Refreshments were enjoyed in the main lobby while waiting for the tours to begin. SLC transportation vans were loaded and donors were taken to two of the resident homes and one of the duplex homes, which is available for rent.

House 4, where our independent ladies live, was the first stop. These wonderful ladies are going to Independence college and are learning the skills needed to live with minimal supervision. Excitement filled the air as the residents greeted their guests. Of course, they had to show off their new bedrooms and tell stories to their new friends about living at SLC and how happy they are to live in the new house. Modified diets are common throughout SLC due to different constraints on residents food consumption, so the ladies served a special appetizer that would be something you would see on a modified diet. Chilled cucumber soup was portioned out into little cups and was surprisingly delicious!

Traveling to the next house was a little wet as the rain began to come down, but it did not melt the spirits of the residents in Cottage 6. The bright young men who will soon be filling the rooms of cottage 6 have been attending Independence College also, getting ready for their big move. Stories were swapped with the guests as the men showed everyone around the new home. Guests snacked on Gluten Free Pretzels and enjoyed listening to and interacting with the vibrant men.

Last stop on the tour was the duplex home. St. Louis Center is excited to become an integrated community, where people of all abilities live in one area. The duplex home, along with a single family home, is available to lease. Our first tenants have since moved in and are enjoying their new homes.

A special highlight for this event included a dedication of a bench in memory of Tony and Franca Rosa Argiero. Sam Argiero, son of Tony and Franca Rosa, along with his siblings Carmin and Amelia, were on sight to make this special occasion. Tony and Franca Rosa were always kind and generous to the Center and it is an honor to forever have their memory present.

SLC kitchen staff prepared a wonderful meal for dinner and prayer was said Supreme Chaplain Martin J. Gillespie, who was visiting from Biloxi, Mississippi. Guests enjoyed dinner and fellowship while speakers from SLC concluded the evening.

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