A longtime tradition for St. Louis Center residents was a trip to the annual Washtenaw County 4-H Fair. On Friday, July 29th, the residents were able to rekindle the tradition after the typical pandemic pause.

Are We There Yet?

Members of the Rogers Corners Herdsman 4-H Club invited the residents to the 2022 Washtenaw County 4-H Fair at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds. Two vans carrying 16 residents and 5 staff members arrived at 10am to get a good look at what the young people of the surrounding community were able to accomplish.

A Goat Obstacle Course

The first the residents did was watch goat showing. Many of the residents were even able to try it for themselves. A young lady named Stephanie helped them to walk the goat through an obstacle course. The goat had to step into and then out of a kiddie pool. Next they had to guide the goat around barrels. Getting the goat to hop up and walk over the bench was a little bit of a challenge, but the residents didn’t give up. The goat hopped off the bench, walked around a decorated table and head to a tarp on the ground as its final step.

Each resident who took a turn earned a special 4-H ribbon.

Meeting More Animals

The 4-H Club then took the group of residents through each of the barns so that they could see the other animals that were showcased at the fair. Llamas, sheep, cows, pigs and more goats were happy to hand out kisses. In return the residents gave little scratch on the back or a soft pat on the head.

And They’re Off

No 4-H fair is complete without horses. And there were many horses at the fair waiting their turn for a chance at ‘pole bending.’ The residents found a spot to recline on the lawn and watch as the teens and their horses each attempted to make their way through the pole bending course.

One horse had a little pent up energy and was sent into the arena to run off some steam. After running a few laps around the arena, he was ready to let the competition continue. The course looked quite challenging, but many of the horses were up to the task.

Time for Lunch

After watching most of the competitors have a turn, the Rogers Corners Herdsmen brought the St. Louis Center group back to a special tent for lunch. The menu was perfect for a day at the fair: hot dogs, chips, watermelon, lemonade and fresh baked goods for dessert.

Headed Home

After a long good bye, the residents made their way back to the vans so they could make the journey home. Special thanks to the leaders of the Rogers Corners Herdsman who made the day so special for St. Louis Center.

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