On a cold Friday afternoon on February 19, 2021, there was plenty of warmth and happiness to go around inside of the “D’Adamo House,” a new six-person cottage home for adult residents in St. Louis Guanella Village at St. Louis Center. This new home, named for late benefactor Jerry D’Adamo, was formally blessed by the priests of the Servants of Charity to prepare for its occupancy coming soon during the first week of March. The six young men who will be moving into the home participated in this event.

Dinner time in the new home

During the opening prayer, Fr. Satheesh Alphonse, the Community Superior, prayed that the Lord would “enter this home and bless it with His presence,” then advised the residents present to “Seek to make your new home before all else, a dwelling place of love, diffusing far and wide the goodness of Christ.”

The Servants of Charity priests who were in attendance with the new residents included Fr. Satheesh, Fr. Enzo Addari, Fr. Joseph Rinaldo, Fr. David Stawasz, Fr. Franklin Arokiadoss, Fr. Amalornathan and Fr. Leo Joseph Xavier.