Every organization needs people to support it and to embrace its vision in order for it to grow and prosper. In the early days, when the Center was known as St. Louis School, Fr. Fortunato Turati

Auction Fr Enzo and Frank Fike (1)formed what was the first Community Advisory Council. This first Council provided the foundation for leading the Center in the path to best provide the support needed for the residents at that time and for the future.

Mr. Frank Fike was selected by Fr. Fortunato to be on the first Council. Mr. Fike, as the Head of Corporate Banking in Ann Arbor, brought his knowledge and experience of running business activities to the Center. During his tenure on the Council, Mr. Fike helped to oversee changes in the Center due to new State Department rulings and changes in regulations. St. Louis School changed its name to St Louis Center for Exceptional Boys and Adults and found solutions to integrating the new regulations as the residents began attending public school. Through these processes and the advisement of the Council, a very sound foundation was laid for the future.

It is an honor for the Center to bestow the acknowledgment of Founder to Mr. Frank Fike. His dedication, along with the others on the first Council, established the vision which has allowed the Center to achieve so much since those beginning years.  We are grateful to Mr. Fike for his involvement that was so instrumental in St. Louis Center becoming what it is today.

Thank you, Mr. Fike, and may God bless you always.


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