Maintenance team is now ready for the cold and snow!

The St. Louis Center Maintenance Department is ready for the blustery winter months. Battling the snow with a personal snow blower and shovels is no longer an issue. The sidewalks and pathways of the Center will now be cleaned by the Boss Snow Raider.

Thanks to donations raised at the 2021 Fall Dinner Auction and the generosity of Weingartz, snow removal will be easier this year. With 4 wheel drive this machines will help the maintenance department make short time of snow removal. They are estimating it will cut up to 2.5 hours of hard labor each time it snows. This cost effective machine surpassed the hand pushed snow blowers that would back up in heavy or wet snow. 

Also, this machine spreads salt as it goes. Salt is more evenly distributed by the salt attachment, making the pathways of the center safer for residents.

The Center welcomes your thoughtful and generous donations. For ideas of what is most needed please visit our Amazon needs list. The best gift of all is a monetary donation that can be used as needs arise, in any amount.

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A very generous anonymous donor offered to match $100,000 of funds raised for #SLCBenevolentCare through December 31st, 2021. Through your generosity, the $100,000 match was met and exceeded, two days before the deadline! Your support is helping provide TWICE as many days of benevolent care for St. Louis Center residents. We are so very grateful!

79% of donations received go to the care of the Center’s residents.

According to the 2020 audit, St. Louis Center administrative and overhead expenses were only 21%, in line with well-managed nonprofit best practices. You can be confident that your donation to the Center is going to good use.

St. Louis Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Federal Tax ID: 38-6038121