THANK YOU!  We met the $100,000 match.

Your help was needed to meet the $100k challenge, and you did it!

A generous donor offered match $100,000 of donations raised in December 2021 to help fulfill #SLCbenevolentcare needs at St. Louis Center during the upcoming year. We are profoundly grateful for the generosity of each and every person who contributed to make this Christmas wish a reality. You did it, accomplishing the match before the end of December! Learn more below about what #SLCbenevolentcare helps provide to help residents lead more independent and fulfilling lives. Your gift really makes a difference.



Loving service to the most vulnerable

For over 60 years St. Louis Center has remained focused on St. Louis Guanella’s vision to provide loving service to the most vulnerable people in our community, without regard to their economic status. With this as our mission, St. Louis Center always focuses first on resident care.


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What is Benevolent Care?

Benevolent Care is financial support from charitable contributions necessary to cover the services that are not met by earned revenue. Given the limits of earned income, and the reality that very few families can afford the total cost of care, SLC strives to offer Benevolent Care to cover the difference.

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More than half of the total costs must be fund raised to provide a level of care, which includes 24/7 supervision, protection, transportation, meal preparation, medication administration, community involvement, and assistance with other activities of daily life. The difficulties the pandemic caused over the last several months have made the need to provide benevolent care even more poignant.


Depending on the level of care, the cost of services to a person living at SLC may be as much as $8,000 a month. A social security supplement (SSI/A) covers only room and board, which is about 20% of the total. Some residents do have support from their local Community Mental Health organization and a Medicaid waiver program. Many residents do not qualify for this governmental benefit, and apply instead for a small Personal Care Supplement (less than $10 per day).



Benevolent Care by the numbers:

$2,800,000 – The total cost of Benevolent Care that St. Louis Center must fund raise each year, ie, the amount above earned revenue such as SSI or other individual support.

$7,671 – The approximate cost of Benevolent Care to St. Louis Center each day.


Christmas Gratitude

79% of donations received go to the care of the Center’s residents.

According to the 2020 audit, St. Louis Center administrative and overhead expenses were only 21%, in line with well-managed nonprofit best practices. You can be confident that your donation to the Center is going to good use.

St. Louis Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Federal Tax ID: 38-6038121

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A very generous anonymous donor offered to match $100,000 of funds raised for #SLCBenevolentCare through December 31st, 2021. Through your generosity, the $100,000 match was met and exceeded, two days before the deadline! Your support is helping provide TWICE as many days of benevolent care for St. Louis Center residents. We are so very grateful!