Antoine is an active guy, always on the move. Between working, sports, and outings, it is rare to see him sitting for more than a quick moment. Outings are Antoine’s favorite, and he especially loves catching a live sporting event.

The long lasting pandemic has been especially hard on Antoine. Activities that he normally enjoyed came to a screeching halt. Saturday morning bowling, participating in the Special Olympics, sporting events, and all other outings stopped for months. For an active guy like Antoine, this change was difficult to navigate.

A resident for 22 years, Antoine has made superhero leaps in his independence and social life. Although still shy and soft spoken, has worked hard on gaining the skills needed to self advocate. He is his own guardian and makes wise decisions for himself, including the decision to make SLC his home.

Working hard and staying on task is something Antione is great at. He is determined to do his best in everything that he does. Working at Polly’s Country Market is a great experience for him. He helps to bring in shopping carts from the parking lot and loves to bag groceries for the customers. He takes great pride in his work, and his good friend, Lee, says that Antoine is a good and helpful worker.

Antoine would like others to know that he cares for other people. “If they don’t feel good, I pray for them.”

Since meeting Antoine “a long time ago,” Lee says that Antoine talks a lot more. “We’re good friends. He jokes around with some of the other guys.” Antoine would like others to know that he cares for other people. “If they don’t feel good, I pray for them.”

Overcoming obstacles and keeping strength when times get a little rough is hard, but Antoine makes it look easy. He has the strength and the resilience of a superhero!

Your support helps Antoine and his friends at SLC to have access to the resources needed to be resilient. Be a superhero and give today.

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