Big hug from Dad for KeavanDescribing a family is not always simple. The families of St. Louis Center come in every shape and size. Some residents have small quaint families, some have large sprawling families, and some call the SLC staff their family. One thing they all have in common is their resilience, or their fight to overcome and persevere. No matter their past, all families are striving for the same thing, giving their family member the best possible life.

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You are SLC’s family.

Through your thoughtfulness and caring, you have become part of the SLC family. A special place in your heart is given to each resident for every thought, prayer, or kind act. Like a family, you have watched the residents grow and succeed. You read about them in the newsletters and reports and keep them in your thoughts. SLC residents are thriving, overcoming obstacles, and living extraordinary lives because of you, their extended family.


Jordan, a long time resident of SLC, has not always had an easy road. When his medical and social needs became overwhelming for his parents, they had to seek alternative help. At age 9, Jordan came to live at St. Louis Center. After a settling in period, he transitioned into the daily routine. SLC was an answer to his families prayers and allowed the SLC family to become an intricate part of their lives. “The SLC community has been wonderful,” Jan continued. “The nursing staff knows about his medical conditions and is very aware if anything goes wrong. When John passed away a few years ago, SLC was supportive of the whole family.” Jan cannot be more pleased with the decision they made.

In 2017, Jordan’s father suddenly passed away. This loss, which is a difficult adjustment for anyone, is especially hard for someone who processes emotions and thoughts differently. Jordan has developed a strong faith that helped him with the loss of his father. Jordan will now often talk about his father and misses him dearly. Through the help of SLC and his strong faith, Jordan has been able to overcome his devastating loss and continue a blessed life at the Center and with his family.

“Jordan has thrived at St. Louis Center. He has had so many opportunities that he may not have had otherwise. He has purpose in his life.” -Jan Chattaway


Keavan has a special bond with his dad. Born with Down Syndrome,.Keavan was about 15 years old when he started having difficulty managing his feelings. His dad, Charles, was struggling to find the right programs that could really help him. Throughout this period Charles scoured the internet looking for residential facilities that could provide the extra care that Keavan really needed. He was very excited because SLC looked like it could be the perfect fit. Keavan became a SLC resident October 2018.

Just like starting anything new, it took a little time for Keavan to get used to his new home. Charles said, “SLC is an extremely special place. There is pure love at SLC. I often worried about Keavan and his well-being when he lived in the group home, but not at SLC. The staff is so loving and I know he is getting good care. Whenever I go to pick him up or have meetings, the staff speaks highly of Keavan and they praise his accomplishments. I am so proud of how well Keavan is doing.”

“St. Louis Center is truly a gift to our family.” – Charles, Dad of Keavan

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