We continue to move forward!

A Quick Look Back

After closing the program for minors, SLC serves adults exclusively.

Some of the higher functioning ladies were moved to an independent program where they are able, under staff supervision, to care for themselves and their needs.

We are planning additional programs similar to this one because we have a very long waiting list of people who are looking to be served at the Center. Unfortunately, due to lack of staff, we keep postponing the opening of new houses.

Some of the residents, who are aging, have increased in their needs for care as well. We implemented the Montessori training to address these needs and to serve the residents accordingly. 

The development and public relations departments merged to form one department; the development and communication department. This solution will streamline the work that needs to been done. 

The pandemic is not over. Because of this, we were forced to cancel many fundraising activities. Thus we are using our creativity and knowledge to raise the money needed to meet the goal set for benevolent care,  $2.8 million for this current fiscal year. I have to say that many benefactors have increased their support. We are very grateful to them because it is through your generosity that the Center remains a lighthouse of HOPE for many people, and society as a whole, for its services and for proclaiming the great dignity of all human persons. 

When we planned for the integrated St. Louis Guanella Village, we envisioned families living beside people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. After a lot of work, several meetings with people familiar with the rental process, and other organizations which offer similar services, SLC welcomed families into the single home and one duplex. The vision has become a reality!

Next Steps

Looking forward; new projects, which were put on hold due to the pandemic and unexpected changes occurring at the Center, will be resumed. We will continue to modernize the physical structure of the original building.

The Good Lord has called to Him our beloved Dawn, who is now with her mother, Judy, and her aunt, Karen. During the latest part of her life with us, we engaged hospice and nursing services to take care of her needs. 

Best wishes for a blessed 2022 year!

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