At the time of the 50th anniversary celebration, the St. Louis Center administration and some stakeholders had a meeting regarding the future of SLC. All came to the realization that something new had to be planned for a new chapter of SLC’s glorious history.

After meaningful research, we discovered that aging adults with I/DD are the new chapter for SLC history. This became part of the strategic plan. Thus the idea of St. Louis Guanella Village came about.

The community, all those who believed in this idea and had embraced the SLC vision, got together for the planning of SLGV. Many modern buildings residential services. Now, with a single family home  and duplex complete, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those without can live next to each other.

A major decision had to be made. It was not a painless one; it was emotional, physical, and spiritual turmoil. As of June 20, 2021, we closed the programs for minors. This allowed us to refocus on the original vision of the strategic plan and to dedicate SLC services to an aging population, thus carrying out what St. John Paul II called the After Us program. There are many challenges to be faced with this number of residents need benevolent care, but we know that demand for services for the aging population with I/DD is growing. It is a new chapter; but following the Gospel, we know that people in need are always with us!

I want to thank the  Golf & Glory committee members, volunteers and all the participants for a glorious and successful golf day at the UofM golf course on June 21, 2021, as well all the people who joined us for the dinner at Paesano on June 13, 2021.

God keeps blessing SLC!

I ask all of you to keep the Center in your prayers and in your hearts while the Center is going through this major change in the delivery of its services of hope.

Find this and previous posts from Fr. Enzo Addari, Scd, St. Louis Center Chief Executive Director in Fr. Enzo’s Corner.

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